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The Magician


From director Neil King, founder of iNK Films and co-founder and Editor-in-chief at We Are Indie Horror, comes THE MAGICIAN. A clever but sadistic performer has another trick up his sleeve. The Magician performs one of the most classic tricks in the book with a horrific twist. This one shot, rhyming 3 minute short was created by Neil King and iNK Films as part of the ABC’s of Death 2 “M is for Contest” and recently was showcased on Bloody Disgusting’s WORLD OF DEATH.  

Director & Producer: Neil King
Writers: Neil King, Austin Davis, Brian Sapir
Director of Photography: Nick Mandri
Editors: Neil King, Austin Davis
1st A.D. Austin Davis
Make-up Artist: Brooke Darwin
Sound: Terry Lundwall
Music By: Dustin Stonebrook  

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