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Twin Peaks: The Return - Reviews

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The fans, including Fun Size Horror, of the original Twin Peaks tuned into Showtime's new Twin Peaks: The Return. Fans and critics took opportunity to review the two hour premiere of David Lynch's visit back to the twisted world he created in the early 1990s. We don't review content but it's such an interesting show we are hungry to consume dialogue on the project. Here are some reviews worth reading;


THE NY TIMES: "'Twin Peaks,' returning 27 years after its debut, is no longer brand-new under the sun. But in its familiarly inscrutable first two hours, shown Sunday night on Showtime, it still has the ability to turn your TV into that box — a quietly menacing portal through which something horrifying or wondrous might burst at any moment."

VARIETY: "Lynch, throughout “Twin Peaks,” is at his absolute best in Black Lodge scenes, and there is a bit of relief in seeing that even in this Showtime interpretation, the Black Lodge is still eerie and destabilizing."

DEADLINE: With Kyle MacLachlan back as FBI Agent Dale Cooper and more, the first two parts of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s new 18-part installment was weird, sometimes intentionally tedious, and amazing at the same time – and something you have to watch.

FORBES: Only read if you're ok with mild SPOILS. 

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