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VHS - The Ventris Holiday Special

Tis' the season for Ventris
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VHS - The Ventris Holiday Special features the puppet character from the upcoming horror film, VENTRIS, bringing some holiday cheer....

The VENTRIS film will premier in January of 2019. Watch the trailer and the holiday special below!

Night Of Beer, Friends, and Partying Is Interrupted When An Unexpected Guest, Ventris, Crashes Earth With Plans To Destroy The Male Population In Order To Impregnate The Female Population And Create Powerful Hybrids. Unbeknownst To Ventris, Women On Earth Are Stronger Than Ever. So With More Of These Creatures Arriving, And The Population Of Earth's Men Dwindling. It Will Become Up To The Women To Save Earth. The Ultimate Enemy Of His Kind Will Be The One Thing He Is Here To Conquer.”


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